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Saturday July 9, 2005


Title: Bird Blobs (supports Black Level Embassy, Kulak)

Where: Esplanade Hotel (front bar), 11 Upper Esplanade, St Kilda

When: Today, doors open 9.30pm

Cost: Free

WHEN British music magazine Mojo calls your album, "a fiery lycanthropic collision of venomous Stooges dirt and twisted Beefheart contusions" you know you're doing something right.

Melbourne's Bird Blobs carry on the tradition of the Australian scuzz rock scene that centred around Fitzroy in the late 1970s, where bands such as the Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon and the Birthday Party cut their teeth (and scared a few punters in the process).

Like their forefathers, the Bird Blobs' sound is uncompromising, guttural and menacing. But it wasn't always like that.

Starting off as a side project of sorts for singer Tim Evans (ex-Sea Scouts), the Bird Blobs have mutated from a "weird country hybrid" to an even weirder post-punk quartet.

Evans, who grew up in Tasmania, grunts and howls his way through songs, which are apparently about "bogan culture" - if you can make out the lyrics.

The band features former Limit of Shunt drummer Steve Masterson, as well as atonal guitarist Ian Wadley and bass player Jordan Redaelli from Stereolab soundalikes Minimum Chips.

Their latest self-titled album was released on Unstable Ape Records last year, with the band hoping to emulate their local success with a European tour in September.


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